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How Often is the PBT Profiler Used?

There are many administrative, funding, marketing, performance, and other issues that require an answer to the question "how often is the PBT Profiler used?" Accordingly, the number of "hits" on the PBT Profiler are counted (as of 3/27/2000). The counts are limited to:

Counts are obtained by recording only the date (e.g., 2/22/2000) that these "hits" occur. The date is stored in a database with two tables; one for home page hits and one for number of profiles run (the tables automatically add a counter).

All collaborators on this project are sensitive to security and confidentiality questions that may arise from the use of the PBT Profiler. To help address these questions, this page was designed to allow users the option of viewing all information collected by the PBT Profiler. It can be viewed by selecting the push-buttons on this page.

Users may also view the computer code that counts (and displays) the number of PBT Profiler "hits" (by selecting the "View Computer Code" button on this page). The thousands of lines of computer code (active server pages) used by the PBT Profiler may also be downloaded for analysis to help users make informed decisions on security and confidentiality issues. For instructions on how to download the active code used by the PBT Profiler, bona fide requests should be sent directly to the developers.


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